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The use of electricity is growing rapidly. At the same time, we must find new ways to create energy and lower emissions. Our goal is ever-cleaner production of electricity and heat, the efficient use of renewable energy sources, the preservation of natural resources, and the promotion of the circular economy.

On this page, you will find a variety of solutions that can help in building a more sustainable future. Come and join the change – we will create a cleaner world together.

360 video: Fortum Batcave

The biggest battery in the Nordics

Fortum Batcave

The biggest battery in the Nordic countries is up and running

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Fortum Batcave

The biggest battery in the Nordic countries is up and running

The biggest battery in the Nordic countries has been taken into use as a part of Fortum’s Batcave battery project. The enormous lithium-ion battery storage was installed in conjunction with Fortum’s biomass-fired power plant in Järvenpää.

The Batcave name refers to “battery cave”, a construction container equipped with the latest battery technology and created as a test environment for new ideas. The battery project complements Fortum’s research on other future solutions, such as demand response and virtual power plants.

“Our Batcave project takes us a big step closer towards the solar economy, where electricity storage plays an important role alongside renewable energy production forms,” says Tatu Kulla, Head of Operations, Fortum.

The Batcave battery’s nominal output is 2 megawatts and the energy capacity 1 megawatt-hour. The battery consists of approximately 6,600 lithium-ion cells, and offers quick, second- and minute-level grid flexibility in frequency regulation.

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